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Published Author Kerrie Marshall, has just released her young adult trilogy Buttons and Fitzwinkle. Kerrie has 22 years experience running workshops in oral story telling and story writing in regional Queensland schools but has dedicated the last two years to weaving a fantastic journey about two pixie boys who are propelled into the mortal world through a portal via a terrifying landslide. Now in danger from their deranged witch mother they must navigate the mortal world facing danger, excitement and mortal life as they search for their father and grandfather before Maudia (their mother) can enslave them and steal their magic.

The trilogy is aimed at 9 years to 99 years. 10 year old Flynn is loving it, 82 year old Maxine says "I didn't like it, I LOVED IT".

Danger and excitement but low level violence!!

Special until  24th December. Book one only $10.
Full trilogy $40

Book One. Finding the mortal world. Finding allies, discovering how a pixie can navigate this world, learning trust, coping with school, mortals and magicals working together to combat dangerous situations and a lot of fun and learning life lessons along the way.

Book two. What happens when they find an artefact leading to discovering their father and grandfather. What new dangers will they face in New Zealand? Will they crack to code? Will the Tohunga lead them to find their grandfather?

Book three. The final in the trilogy. Will the boys find both father and grandfather? Can they defeat Maudia? Who is Grenold Laytus and why is he so dangerous? Book three is the longest book and has all the twists and turns as the team follow clues in Ireland, Switzerland, NZ, Cayman.  

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