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What you will get:  For two weeks Monday to Friday we will post a new exercise for the day. The Videos are approximately 5 mins to show you how the exercise is done. Practice several times a day.

The exercises suit all ages and abilities and can be done sitting or standing.

How to purchase: Purchase the package then send us your email address. Each Sunday night we will send you a new link and password for your Brainasize exercises for the following week.

What you will need: 2 small balls the same size for catching and juggling, 2  cylinder shaped items about 12 inches in length. Can be cardboard insides of glad wrap, poly pipe or dowel cut to length. You will be using these to tap together and catch. And thirdly pen and paper.

Do you want to improve concentration, focus, memory and alleviate stress?

Join us for two weeks of Brainasize for only $19.95.

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