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Literacy Tips for Kids

How to remember the difference between their, there and they're.

The r  (their)is about people. EG: their clothes, their toys. Find the i and make it a figure

The e  (there) means over there. See how the r becomes an arrow pointing over there

They're is short for they are. Turn the apostrophe into an "a"


Learning new spelling words. This is a four step strategy

Use your finger and looking up with your eyes, write word in the air as though you are writing it on the ceiling. Then write it again with your finger either in a sand box or on the floor mat. Next write it on a piece of paper, then blue tack it to a white board , wall or door you have permission to stick it. Every time you pass the word, look at the ceiling and spell it out.

I use this little ditty to remember what to do. "Write it on the ceiling, write it on the floor, write it on some paper, stick it on the wall"

Put the word into a sentence. Say or sing the sentence and spell the word at the end of the sentence. Use positive sentences. Tell the world how truly wonderful you are.

the word today is "am"

I am wonderful, I am strong, I am brave. A   M    spells am

Which are vowels and which are consonants?????

a e i o u are the vowels. That is all you need to know because all the other letters are consonants.  Learn the vowels by using funny voices then get someone to play a game with you. If you need help to remember them to start with, write the vowels on a piece of paper. Have your helper call out letters and see how fast you can say vowel or consonant. Or read letters off the newspaper saying vowel or consonant.

Break down new words to learn to spell in small chunks.

Lets learn to spell the word afternoon. write it on a piece of paper like this. af        ter       noon.

Learn to spell or read af.. ter        af..... ter      af....ter  when you can spell or read af  and ter put them together.  after.

when you are happy spelling after. learn noon and put them together.  to    get   her.  learning to pappern words makes it so much easier than looking at a whole word and trying to remember all the letters especially if you find sounding out more challenging.   chall     eng    ing. It takes time but singing it also helps or suing a little drum beat to find your spelling rhythm.

Draw pictures, make up your own cartoons in little boxes. Have someone help you write a sentence under each box, then read, read, read and spell your own work.

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