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Animals to the Rescue: Follow the adventures of Great Owl, Koala, Possum and many more as the animals foil the poachers and rescue their friends.

A chapter book with graphics for the 5- to 9-year-old reader.

Flynn and Jasper. The Big Pink Butt and other adventures.

Flynn and Jasper are best friends, but often find themselves late for school and in trouble. So many distractions on the way.

A chapter book with graphic for the 5- to 9-year-old reader. Aimed at boys but girls will love the stories too

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Buttons and Fitzwinkle  an exciting adventure trilogy.  Suitable for 8 years to 80 if you love a little magic in your life. Book one, two and three now available 

Free Flip Book to read.

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Experienced  story teller, Kerrie Marshall, will take you on a journey into the magical world of storytelling . Kerrie has travelled to over 200 schools and community groups and a life time of experience enthralling all ages both on stage and in workshops. Limited availability.

Free Flip Book for Grown ups



  • To provide all age levels with skills in oral story telling


Expected learning outcomes:


  • Each participant will develop skills to assist them in:

  • choosing relevant story lines for different target groups

  • identifying and developing their individual story telling genre

  • reading the body language of an audience and structuring a story to suit

  • visualising the sequence of a story fluently

  • distinguishing between relating a set of facts and information against a story telling

  • animating a story through presentation

20 years experience with over 200 workshops in schools and community organisations

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