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I would like to thank Brain Training for attending our PD meeting. I found it very useful and practical. I was then able to attend the further sessions and work on my balance and co-ordination. I would recommend this to other suffers of Parkinson’s.

Thank you for that energising and refreshing session. The ambience of the community room was full of laughter whilst humming with a wonderful sense of achievement. For once the PwP  people were able to out shine their carers! Good for morale. Your sensitive guidance through each exercise was great. As an ex-high school teacher it was obvious you have been a teacher and that you love doing what you do. We all loved the music, the ball exercises but it was the drum sticks that were enjoyed the most. If only I was more co-ordinated ?!?!

Thanks a million for that small window of normality you bought into our lives.

The balancing game with the chicken yesterday was such fun - my delight in the ridiculous still grows.  Your comment, and my realisation about being empowered by friendships touched me deeply.  It is so true.


Brainasize has been wonderful for me with my Parkinson's disease, giving me confidence, balance, renewed vigour and energy after each session. I especially like Drumasize conducted by Kerrie and Jodie it is great for your sense of rhythm, keeping in time with others and connection of left and right brain. I can thoroughly recommend it to everyone interested in improvement of body and mind.for over 60's There is nothing you can't do if you really make an effort. The more the merrier.

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