Learning the Scales

These videos are free to watch.

Must have notes for "Learning the Scales" and " Basic Alternative Chords" today and you will have a great resource for  your ukulele library and the video will just fall into place for you. Easy to follow in a well set out workbook style. $2.95  All in shop. 

Basic Alternative Chords

This video is free to watch.

Have Kerrie run one of these great workshops at your next event or book a zoom

Beginners: Basic ukulele playing

Beginners: Using 7ths and why we need them

Simple 12 bar blues

Scales:  How they can be used to find runs, alternative chords and finger pick

Alternative Chords (cheat Chords) and how to use them (ukulele players)

Chord families ( aimed at ukulele players, others accepted)

Transition Chords and how to enhance medleys( aimed at ukulele players others accepted)

Finding your voice, voice projection and harmonies (open to all entertainers )

Playing by ear and learning your music by heart (open to all entertainers )

Leadership (leading a group, being a front person) (open to all entertainers )

Being an awesome MC (open to all entertainers )

Playing for entertainment and busking (open to all entertainers)