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Revel in love. Consciously Entwine the Sacred and Divine within, be Soft and Firm when needed

As the Cycles Change, Let Things Fall Away, Pick and Choose What Needs to Stay

I Love, Love, Love Creating My Own Experience . And Well-Being is On the Menu Today

Becoming Clear Inspires Me to Perfect Thoughts to Be Playful in My Own Creation

Power up Courageous Spark. Receive, Receive. Good Things Are on Their Way

Collaborate the Striking Magic Within. Celebrate, Celebrate You’re Here to Have Fun

Refresh, Renew, Revitalize, Say Yes Yes Yes to Life

Snuggle Up, Tune Into You. Recoup, Replenish, Restore the Design Within

Maintaining Your Own Landscape Makes it Easier to See What’s Yours and What Belongs to Others

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