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Colours of the Earth

 Exciting! New! Unique!  Multitudinous interactive game challenging, Listening skills, focus, concentration and memory.  


The Colours of the Earth, is a fun and musical learning tool created by Brainasize.


Included -  20 cards in total with matching shapes,

                    colours and animals

                    Download of  Colours of the Earth Song                         

                      (spoken, full version and fast versions)

To play: players place the cards in a row or randomly scatter,

starting with with colours and shapes facing up. Play along with Kerrie and Roger tapping the cards as they name first the colours, then animals, back to the shapes followed by some fun tapping the critters and making the sounds.

The first track is medium slow and the 2nd track a slightly faster version to challenge your focus and concentration.


Have fun, learn at your own pace and try spotting the shapes when you are out and about in your community.

The cards can also be used to play snap or matching the pairs.

Great for Christmas or birthday gifts. World wide distribution available.

Recommended ages 4t,

Animals - Kangaroo, emu, dingo, owl, crocodile, koala, platypus, wombat, snake

Shapes - Square, rectangle, triangle, arc, circle, lemniscate, star, hexagon, heart, arrow

Colours - Red, green, yellow, purple, blue, orange, pink, brown, silver, rainbow

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