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If you love tales of the outback, then this is a book you will thoroughly enjoy.

The author, Kerrie Marshall, spent 20 years travelling to outback Queensland schools presenting workshops in Storytelling, Story Writing and Music. During that time, she met many interesting characters, had plenty of adventures and experiences and created this delightful book of Fact meets Fiction stories and ‘believe it or not tales.

She has her own unique way of writing and makes no apologies to literary experts, poets and historians. Her stories tell of ordinary life among extraordinary folk.

The stories and poems in Simply Australia are a collection of tales passed on by old timers, experiences on the road, political pokes and creative storytelling. They are written in a dyslexic font and a format for inclusive reading.

The stories are a lighthearted reflection of an era which will pass by forgotten if stories and myths like these are not recorded for future generations’ enjoyment.

Simply Australian

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