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 Brainasize Training for your organisation

Under the direction of a qualified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach and Musical Activity Coach, we aim to help your organisation to inspire and host a fun and unique set of musical activities, which stimulate the mind and invigorate a sense of joy in your clientele.The training is open to individual’s who are currently working within an all abilities organisation. Included in the training, is how to run a Brainasize Class or add Brainasize exercises to already existing activities to create a fun and uplifting experience for your clientele and to inspire your staff with ongoing benefits for all. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and especially bookings for training to secure your spot. Fun and Happiness.

Training includes a workbook which will be emailed to you and a months access to the video exercises. 

Full price for training $599

Welcome to New and Exciting Training Opportunities for Your Organisation.



Surround Yourself with Creative Beauty and Watch your Inner World Blossom

Draw Wisdom from your Surroundings. Nature Embracing it's Brightness with all it's Glory

Surround Yourself with Colour. Live, Cook and Wear the Colours of a Rainbow


Relax, Walk and Replenish in Mother Earths Garden of Life

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