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Learning the Alphabet Backwards

Now why would anyone seriously want to learn the alphabet backwards? Well I did. And I want to share the how and why. First the why. Research shows that reversing the order of everyday tasks forces the brain to think in a different way.The brain is almost always more active when it comes to new stimuli and information. Secondly, I love to challenge myself and feel really excited when I achieve a new skill increasing new pathways in my brain.

Now the how. Life is made up of patterns and so is the Alphabet. Most of us know it forwards and learnt it in childhood as a rhyme. So it is no different. Chunk it and learn it chunk by chunk. Here it is chunked and ready to be sung the same as you would forwards. Challenge yourself and others today! ZYX-WVU-TSRQ-PO-NML-KJIH-GFE-DCBA now I know my ABC, backwards is so good for me

Have Fun !!!

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