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Why exercise the brain?

It constantly amazes me the reaction we get when we mention exercises for the brain. It's as though the subject is taboo to some, or an expression of weakness to admit partaking in this form of exercise.

The brain is our number one asset. At this point in time it can not be replaced like a hip or a knee, it needs to be kept in good shape to support the rest of our body, it needs good nutrition, clean water and exercise.

Reasons why you should do Brainasize

Do you want faster recall?

Do you want improved memory?

Do you want better focus and concentration?

Do you want to improve study or work habits?

Frequently asked questions.

Q/ When should we begin exercises in the brain?

A/ At about age 8 years old

Q/ When should we stop exercising the brain?

A/ Never

Q/ I am old, why bother?

A/ Do you want to age gracefully, make your own decisions, keep your license?

Frequent excuses

Too late for me, I am old

I do suduko and cross words

I don't have time

There is nothing wrong with my brain

Yes I must do that one day

Tried it once but it wasn't my thing

I really should do it, I need it.

Think about how you treat your body and answer these questions? Do you exercise? Gym, walking swimming to keep your body in shape? Do you go on diets or food regimes to keep your body trim, taut and terrific? Do you study to achieve success in the workplace?

So what about your brain(your main asset); Do you exercise this major organ daily?

Okay so we have established that Brainasize is a necessary part of keeping our major asset in trim.

How long does it take? Some Brainasize most days is recommended, but can be incorporated into your daily routine. This is why we have created an online option for everyday fitness. The five minute videos give a range of exercises that can be incorporated into your daily lives with very little disruption. The reason we change them periodically is The Brain loves novelty. Doing the same exercise every day soon creates a muscle memory and takes away the effectiveness of Brain exercises.

We use a variety of fun exercises, crossing the mid line, music options, voice projection, breathing techniques, juggling ball options, seated or standing options, things you can do in the workplace, watching TV or on the bus.

So to recap... We all need brain exercises, we all need to stop making excuses and protect and enhance our number one asset, and we need to challenge our friends and families to be brain conscious.

Don't hesitate, start exercising with Brainasize.


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