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Respecting choice. Unconditional love

Today I want to talk about choice. We live in a very critical world. Children grow up being tested, competitive and learning quite young to be critical of peoples choices. By the time we become adults, most of us have formed very strong opinions of what we like to eat, how we dress, what is good for us and how we choose to live our lives. A small percentage will open their minds and accept new ways of thinking and change certain views as they age. But the part of us that is critical can often stay.

How often do you hear someone say, "oh I do it the same way my mother did". Or my family have always voted ....." "I have always been fat/thin/ cant sleep/ argumentative just like the rest of my family"

It's called CHOICE. We have a choice to be or do what we believe is best for us not what our ancestors did.

It has been bought to my attention in a very sad way that some people do not respect the choice others make. In other words, subconsciously they are saying "Its my way or the highway".

Have a think about it. When did you last criticise someone's choice? Or do you believe you didn't criticise but you walked away or didn't support a decision. Sat on the fence! Or maybe you didn't research and find out why a person has made a choice you didn't respect. What are these choices I am talking about.

With all the information at our finger tips it is hard sometimes to make a decision on education, health, fitness or diet and everyone of us is an individual so we all have individual needs. What we all need though is unconditional support for our choices.

You personally don't need to follow or believe in a Paleo diet, Gluten free, dairy free, vegan but your loved one might. Maybe they choose not to immunise against flu or other; maybe they want to try natural therapies instead of chemical, maybe alternative education, maybe become a musician instead of a doctor. Each person must be free to choose their own journey. No one knows what new ideas and pathways will eventuate. If we all stick to tried and true nothing new and maybe better will come about. There are pathways and journeys each individual needs to try for them selves but what we need from family and friends is unconditional support for our choices.

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