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Children in care and the subconscious brain

Research tells us we have two brains; the conscious brain and the subconscious brain. The subconscious brain is the largest and stores all our learnt behaviours and "talk". Between the ages of zero and 6 years old the conscious brain is not yet developed, meaning information is flooding the subconscious brain paving the way for how we react and think as we get older.

There are many great speakers on this subject which you can goggle and listen to for more in depth information.

My blog today is concerning children in care and how this affects them and their future well being. During my working career I have seen many children in care, either with grandparents, in foster care, orphanages (in my early years) and even in boarding schools. Now we have the introduction of child care to add to the mix. There are more children being raised outside there own family unit than ever before and I am concerned this will present the next generation with new and challenging behaviours.

Observe how small children react. They don't reason out as adults do when faced with a situation, they just react. This, in short, is because they have not yet developed that conscious brain which reasons. It is interesting to watch the body language and reaction of a small child and see who they mimic. Yes they are learning, so who do we want them to learn from?

Many of these children in care have been exposed to drama, emotional neglect, abandonment, poor brain nourishment and in some cases abuse.

This may sound a little dramatic but when a child is only in the 'receiving information' area of their life, these exposures can lead to life long poor self talk, unexplained reactions and emotions to problem solving and achievable goals.

Children raised in quiet environments, away from drama including television and IT games and exposed to music, art, nature and encouraged to ask questions in those early years from zero to six, are more likely to grow into confident, well adjusted adults with better mind and body health than those exposed to "out of family" care or loud, noisy, busy environments. This doesn't mean a child growing up in care wont have those good attributes and it's all doom and gloom, but it is important to look at how important those first six years are and to understand the need to nurture each child giving them the best possible outcome.

Although I was well cared for, I grew up in an 'out of family' care situation and have worked my lifetime to change the negative thoughts and patterns absorbed in my first six years to become a successful and happy adult. Through blogs, public speaking and creating Brainasize with my daughter, I see a future to help change those who may have been exposed to negative impacts as children and want to improve their self talk, reactions and how they perceive their life in general.

Look for further information on this subject in weeks to come.

More information on the subconscious mind:

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